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This past Monday, February 24th, we had Liberty’s Defense stop by. Liberty’s Defense is owned by Christopher and Danielle Hall and specializes in suppressor covers. Suppressors dissipate sound energy, as well as gases that propel the round forward. With the gases and velocity of the bullets being contained, it means suppressors run typically between 300 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, taking about thirty to sixty minutes to cool. Chris was a SWAT operator and sniper and needed a cover that could perform well while on the job. Liberty’s Defense’s suppressor covers, or the straightJacket, handles a vast array of weaponry and handles bursts from semi-auto to belt-fed full auto. Each straightJacket is comprised of four layers, including Kevlar (body armor material) and quartz-based silica, which has fifteen times greater thermal non-conductivityproperties than asbestos (without the carcinogenic risks),stainless steel thread, and a marine-grade stainless steel cable, which holds it all together. For more information, their website is Thanks again for stopping by, Chris!

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