What documentation do i need to shoot?

You need a valid form of photo identification to shoot at Machine Gun America – This would include a Government or State ID card, Driver’s License or Passport.

I have never shot before, which Machine Gun Experience should I choose?

Our location is perfect for first time shooters or experienced marksmen – No experience is too advanced for any shooter

I have never shot a gun before. Does that matter?

No, you will be with a certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) the entire time that you are on our range.  They will show you how to hold the firearm and how to shoot it accurately and safely – No need for prior experience.

What is a “round?”

A round is a single projectile, a bullet, a shot.

What are the age restrictions?

Shooters must be a minimum of 10 years old to shoot at Machine Gun America

Will I Need to Sign A Waiver of Liability?

Yes.  You are required to in order to enter the range

What Health Restrictions That Will Prevent Me From Shooting?

We suggest if you are pregnant, suffer from PTSD, Tourettes or Epilepsy that you avoid shooting on our range.  

Can I Shoot By Myself In The Range?

No, A range safety officer is required and must be with you at all times

What’s Included in the Price of Each Experience?

Included is the Experience you choose, included ammo depending on the experience and firearms chosen, range access and eye and ear protection as well as a standard target.  

Can Two (2) People Share An Experience?


Does Machine Gun America Offer A Military/LEO Discount?

Yes, we do offer a military discount to all US current and retired veterans – The discount that is offered is 25% with proof of service on all our experiences

Additionally, we offer a LEO discount to all US current and retired officers – The discount that is offered is 25% with proof of service on all our experiences


Proof of Service is required for discount to apply

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

All Major Credit Cards Accepted (Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover/Diner’s Club) as well as ApplyPay, Samsung Pay and PayPal – We of course accept US physical currently, but do not accept personal checks

Can I Bring My Own Weapons to Machine Gun America?

No, due to local restrictions personal firearms and ammunition are not allowed past our doors.

Can I Take Photos While At Machine Gun America?

Yes, absolutely – You may take as many pictures and videos as you would like – Don’t forget to tag us #machinegunamerica or @machinegunamerica in your posts

Can I come to your range to shoot after having a few drinks at a bar?

No – Please wait until the next day 



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