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What documentation do i need to shoot?

I have never shot before, which Machine Gun Experience should I choose?

I have never shot a gun before. Does that matter?

What is a “round?”

What are the age restrictions?

Will I Need to Sign A Waiver of Liability?

Yes – Each shooter or guardian will need to sign a waiver of liability

What Health Restrictions That Will Prevent Me From Shooting?

Can I Shoot By Myself In The Range?

A single shooter can shoot on our range, however you will be accompanied by a range safety officer the entire time – If you bring your own firearms, you cannot attend alone.

What’s Included in the Price of Each Experience?

Can Two (2) People Share An Experience?

Does Machine Gun America Offer A Military/LEO Discount?

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Can I Bring My Own Weapons to Machine Gun America?

Can I Take Photos While At Machine Gun America?

Can I come to your range to shoot after having a few drinks at a bar?

No, Please come see us before you go to the bar



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