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Perfect for Your Group and Budget Go ahead. Make their day.

Break away from the ordinary and deliver group experiences they’ll be talking about for years. MGA Events offers exciting options to fit every guest, preference, skill level and budget. Or, if you’d prefer to customize an event for your guests, our associates will create a unique experience just for your group and budget.



Choose from a wide array of live and simulation experience options sure to please even the most discerning guests. Special ops, secret agents, zombie hunters and automatic divas are just a few of the thrilling choices.


Reward your group for their hard work while developing a strong and cohesive team. MGA Events’ leadership and group programs deliver value by building teams through fun, recreational and challenging experiences including the firearms breakdown, a Simulation Room Competition and Pistol Competition.


Your guests will meet in comfort in MGA Events’ conference room with state of the art audio-visual equipment or the luxurious VIP room with high speed Internet. Include a personalized VIP “backstage tour” or take down the entire facility and make it your own. Don’t forget to add customized catering and a professional photographer to capture the important moments to complete your event!



  • Intro to the MGA Events team and Range Safety Officers (RSOs)
  • Dedicated MGA Events Manager
  • Dedicated RSOs
  • Complimentary use of the VIP room
  • Live experience for each guests including firearms and ammo
  • All standard targets included
  • Use of the Simulation Room


  • Includes Base Package Plus:
  • RSOs presentation and history of firearms
  • Hosted SIM room
  • Pistol Competition
  • Digital Signage (5 days)
  • MGA Hat for each guest


  • Includes Base & Silver Plus:
  • Selection of additional firearm
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Firearm laser sighting
  • Refreshments and snacks for all attendees
  • Social Media Exposure


  • Includes Base, Silver & Gold Plus:
  • Dedicated MGA Events Associates
  • Use of conference room with A/V
  • Choose an additional gun from our select inventory
  • All premium targets included
  • Firearms breakdown vs. blindfolded RSO
  • Use of suppressor or silencer
  • Use of suppressor or silencer
  • VIP “Backstage Pass” tour of the facility
  • RSO signed “Man Card” or “Woman Card issued for each attendee
  • Premium food package for all attendees
  • MGA T-shirt/target souvenir
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