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Pull the trigger on a heart-pumping, adventure ride like no other. Feel the rush of power as you take on the ultimate shooting experience at Machine Gun America – Orlando’s first and only Automatic Adrenaline Attraction.

Are you ready to take on a critical Special Ops assignment, take down a black hat in a Wild West Shootout or go all out to earn The Man Card? You’ll thrill in the exhilaration of firing a Glock 17, VEPR 12, or M60 as you choose your experience below or customize your weapon selection from one of the largest and most diverse arsenals in the country.

MGA brings impeccable safety and gun selection together in its new, state-of-the-art 13,000 square foot facility to provide world-class experiences for gun enthusiasts and novices alike. To ensure an optimum experience for all, each shooter will fire real weapons of war alongside one of our highly trained safety officers, consisting of former law enforcement and military professionals.

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