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Guns you will need during a Zombie Apocalypse:

To say there are raging debates and numerous opinions on the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse could be the understatement of the year (at least through Halloween). From people who down right believe the apocalypse is near at hand to those who just prefer to speculate (and secretly hope) for a dead-eyed blight, to those who just think zombies are cool, everyone has an opinion on what to do when the hammer drops. Although we have our own opinions on survival tactics and weapon choices alternative to guns, we thought we would stick to what we know best and explore the best choices for guns, in the unlikely(?) event of a zombie apocalypse. Because in all reality, when the dead begin to get up and roam the earth looking to feast on your flesh, your gonna want to be packing some heat.

Ever vigilant and overt zombie fans ourselves, we here at Machine Gun America, did the “faux zombie apocalypse” heavy lifting for you and explored a number of opinions from multiple sources on which guns would be needed to successfully navigate the swarms of undead that will surely be coming your way when it all goes down. There were a number of factors we decided to consider: reliability, availability of ammo, recoil, sound suppression and ease of use. We decided not to include long range firearms. Our thoughts behind this? Unless you are doing an extraction of one of your group from the hands of a living rival faction, realistically you won’t need a long range weapon. Remember ammo will be valuable and hard to come by, if a zombie is that far away, it isn’t a threat, leave it be, save your ammo and go do something useful like look for a clean water supply. *Hint: uncontaminated drinking water is going to be as valuable as gold. So it really came down to medium and close range firearms. We picked two from each category.

Medium Range Firearms:

A Ruger 10/22:
A great firearm for killing zombies meeting 3 out of 5 criteria: Low recoil, ammo that is easily available and sound suppression. This gun will no doubt be able to penetrate a zombie’s skull even at a distance. The only potential drawback is a .22 bullet would probably not completely make mince-meat of a zombie’s brain. But depending on whose imaginary zombie rules you are playing by it will likely get the job done.

This bad boy fits into 2 of our categories: Plenty of ammo available and ease of use because it is lightweight. Also, believe it or not, the restrictive semi-automatic design that is on the civilian version of the M4 makes it impossible to waste ammo when firing into a zombie hoard. It is a durable, handy fella with a bonus light on top for your night runs. Although, realistically that light won’t last past the first time you get surprised by a zombie and have to bludgeon it to death in a near escape.

Close Range Firearms:

Browning Auto 5:
This falls into three categories: reliability, ease of use and ammo availability. Look, if you want a gun that is more than likely to need repair, in a time when a gunsmith will be hard to find, go with the Remington 1100. But if you want something that won’t break down until long after you are zombie food, go for the Browning Auto 5. The only people stupid enough to mess up this gun would die first in a zombie apocalypse anyway. We would count ourselves lucky to be packing this premier shotgun when all hell breaks loose.

Glock 17:
Finally we get to The Glock. There is a reason why we offer this gun in our Walking Dread Experience. We say this friend to the zombie fighter meets 3.5 of our 5 criteria. The reasons being: ammo for days, ease of use, reliable/durable and it realistically can be suppressed. Now, to be fair you are probably going to need to have some gun knowledge to suppress it without using Google (which will be long gone) but it can be done. This gun is great for the family that enjoys killing zombies together, it’s simplicity will allow you to teach anyone from gun newbies to junior how to use it effectively. You will find yourself bonding time and time again over both in target practice and when confidently killing real zombies.

The likelihood of the world being taken down by a zombie apocalypse is probably low; but you never can be too prepared. We suggest you continue loving and collecting guns and head into Machine Gun America, Florida’s #1 Machine Gun theme park, for some zombie blasting practice in our Walking Dread Experience!

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