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Unless you are internet explorer, all of you know about the recent distresses that COVID-19 virus is causing. It is not just a health concern, but it is also causing social and economic problems of massive proportions. It doesn’t even seem real. It seems like something out of the beginning of a horror film. People being quarantined, panic gripping people like how they grip toilet paper, and powerhouses of the economy like Disney and Universal, shutting down like a light switch. These are trying times. 

Until further notice, Machine Gun America, as well as Tactical Sh*t, will have its doors open. If you are sick, please visit. another time; however, if the cabin fever of quarantine is getting to you, come take your mind off of it by sending some lead downrange.  

This sucks now, but there hasn’t been anything that us, the people, could not handle. Our usual way of life is going to be different for a little bit, but everyone in this community are strong, resilient individuals who will see this through until the end. From all of us here at Machine Gun America, stay healthy and please be safe! We got this! 

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