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Shoot in Safety and Style

What to Wear to Machine Gun America

You’ve made your plans and called in your reservations, and it’s finally time to head to Machine Gun America to pull the trigger on some of the most legendary firearms of past and present. While the anticipation and excitement can reach peak highs as you’re getting ready, don’t forget to keep the following dos and don’ts in mind as you get dressed for your shooting experience.

What to Wear

Closed toe shoes. Whether you’re shooting zombies or joining the ranks of the gangsters from the 20s, it is important to stay safe during your experience. Wearing closed toe and comfortable shoes is a must during your visit to MGA. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun. Going to the Western Shootout? Amp up your outfit by wearing a pair of cowboy boots.

Ear and eyewear protection. Gunshots can be very loud, so wear earplugs at all times to help prevent any hearing damage. Shells, gases, and lead can potentially get into your eyes, so wearing goggles will keep you and your sight safe throughout your shooting experience. These items will be provided to shooters by Machine Gun America.

What NOT to Wear

Loose clothing. Make sure your sleeves are an appropriate length and your clothing has a comfortable fit. You do not want anything to get in your way while shooting, and you don’t want any debris to get caught in your clothes.

Some types of makeup. Avoid wearing foundation if you’re planning on shooting. The gases emitted throughout shooting experiences could irritate your skin, leading to acne and breakouts.

Fine jewelry and accessories. From delicate necklaces to designer sunglasses, it’s best to leave your favorite accessories at home, in the hotel room or in your vehicle when visiting MGA. You don’t want anything to get damaged, and you want to be able to have fun without worrying about your belongings.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, safety and style are imperative to enjoying your time at Machine Gun America. These tips will ensure that you make the most of your shooting experience.

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